Thursday, June 6, 2013

The farm in Early June

I have these visions of monthly updates showing the progress of very specific things, like the gardens and animals...but the follow-through has been lacking. But, I'm willing to try again if you are. It's not very exciting in the beginning (a lot of photos are for reference), but there is some serious cuteness at the end.

Here is the state of the farm on June 6, 2013. It's been amazingly temperate and appropriatly rainy. After a few hot summers in a row we are very glad! It was like this the first year we lived in this house and we have fond memories of a friendly summer.

The kitchen garden currently has a mostly-finished drip irrigation system, tomatoes, peppers and 4 eggplants.

Over on this side are mounds of winter and summer squash, plus a few melons.

This time last year, the black caps were nearly done but today they are still very green. This is more consistent with 2009 when we picked two jars full in late June...except this year we have about 100x more plants as we stopped mowing much of the property and the black caps have taken over. These are our cultivated ones with some netting to protect them. Suck it, songbirds!

Our pasture is green! There is a haystack in the middle of hay Bill scythed earlier this week. This is the first year that we're farming grass.

Cauliflower and beets (background).


Dent corn:

Pumpkin patch.

Oymygosh this is so boring!! How about some Martha and Rose to make it more interesting?

Kaylee and Saffron in perspective with some really tall (and yummy) thistle.

Kaylee and her ears.

Saffron chewing on my finger...

...and being a snuggle goat.

This chicken and the two turkey hens are co-parenting four chicken babies. It's odd, but seems to be working.

This chick was born yesterday. The knitted one was completed today.

That's it! Maybe I'll be back with a review of how all this stuff is growing in July. Well, not the knitted chicken obviously...but the other stuff.


  1. Wow you have a lot of gardening going on !!
    The goats must be in heaven with all that thistle.

  2. Ah the early garden pictures... They really are just for reference, but a starting reference point is key!

    Also YAYAY! Nubians! And those ears! So adorable! They look EXACTLY like the goats I grew up with.

  3. Love reading about your farm, the progress you are making & the many animals you have acquired. I watch your podcast for the knitting & spinning.