Sunday, July 26, 2009

Before and after.

JoAnna's has OCD, obsessive canning disorder!
We made the Dinosaur BBQ pickle recipe with jalapenos and garlic. They are fantastic! 

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  1. You mean you converted the DInoQ recipe to a canning version?! Do tell.

  2. No - we didn't can those... They're still in crocks in the fridge. Not shown in the after pic, unfortunately.

    I was planning on sticking a jar in the pressure canner as a test. I'll update with the results, but I may just eat them all from the fridge before I get around to that!

  3. So where is this pickle recipe? I love all Dinosaur BBQ.

  4. The recipe came out of the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook - Garlic Dill pickles. I highly recommend that cookbook (if you're into that sort of food porn)!