Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things we built...

Here is Coop Mk. II (aka the Duck Hut). It is currently home to the 29 chicks we got earlier this year.

This was initially supposed to be a chicken tractor - a light, portable structure which is moved frequently to provide birds access to yummy things to eat and mitigate destruction of the area they are in. So, before the grass turns all to mud, the chicks are moved to a new location.

'Cept our "tractor" weighs about 4 tons. We did attach it to the truck and drag it from the location in front of our garage out into the pasture, but I think it's going to stay there forever.

The chicks have a solar powered electromesh fence to keep them in and bad things out. It's working so far, but we've seen a curious Northern Harrier trolling our fields. The chicks have plenty of cover inside their fence and they seem to know how to use it, so we're hoping they get big and don't become prey.

Two of our Wyandotte roos, lookin pretty:

So, all these chickens...why "The Duck Hut?" Well, when the eatin birds are all in the freezer and the Wyandottes and Cochins are integrated with the Barred Rocks, we'll be filling the coop with ducklings. Maybe Cayugas.

Also being built....socks. I have contracted a common disease among sock knitters: SSS or Second Sock Syndrome. Pictured here are three socks currently being knit. None of them has a match yet. And that's just fine. Clearer photos when they're all done.

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