Sunday, August 8, 2010


We painted Bill's hobby room a few weeks ago. It still needs some finishing touches, such as a rug (I think Bill would really like an animal pelt) and we may install a wood stove.

But the painting is done and the room now has the major furniture to make it a second guest room. In fact, it's already housed guests - twice! The first guests, however, didn't have access to the futon (sorry Sis).

Or the wicked cool dresser we scored at Goodwill (my favorite place to shop).

The dresser is stamped Dixie, though I have no idea how old it is. Any guesses? It likely doesn't have value as an antique (which is probably why it was at Goodwill and not the antique mall down the street), but it is solid and in pretty good shape.

I love the details, and the funky contact paper in the drawers totally sold me on it. If this were fabric, I would absolutely make it into a quilt.

I used to quilt all the time before I was distracted by other things. But, suddenly this weekend, I decided to finish something old.

Because it's been so long (at least three years) I know nothing about this quilt. I'm pretty sure the pattern is from a magazine and I remember that I had to paper piece AND applique parts of it. As I dislike both those techniques, I'm surprised that a) I started this quilt and b) didn't finish once the hard parts were done.

All I had to do was tie the border and apply the binding. (Because I like piecing tops and buying fabric much more than any other part of quilt making, most of my large quilts are tied, rather than quilted. It works for me.)

But now it is finished and ready for fall.

I stopped quilting in earnest about three years ago when I learned how to knit. While the autumn leaves quilt took perhaps 7 years to make, this fantastic sock took only 7 days. The pattern is the first of a Community Supported Knitting project - Indie Socks. As participants, we're supporting a super designer in the writing of her next book.

Plus, I get to knit socks like this. How great is the scalloped edging?

Off now to finish more things!!

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