Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nice day to be a farmer

It seems that not sitting at a computer at work all day has made me even less inclined to use it at all - hence the lack of activity around here.

Today's forecast is for 66 and sunny. When I worked in an office I would declare days like this to be "nice days to be a farmer" (or when I was in DC - nice days to be a bike messenger.) Today we'll find out!

We've had our peas planted for a few weeks, as well as some lettuce, radishes and potatoes. Today, I've got some asparagus roots to plant (we got them on sale at Tractor Supply...I don't have much hope for them, but we'll see. They are 2-years old, so in theory, I think that means they could make asparagus this year). We have some more potatoes too - leftovers from last year's harvest that we didn't get around to eating. And weeding...there is always weeding.

Tomorrow, I'll start planting everything else. The 90% chance of last frost around here is about May 15 and the low predicted for the week is tonight at 39. Our pasture always seems to get a little bit colder than predicted, so I'm going to wait one more day just to be safe.

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