Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our salad spinner is getting a workout

We have been enjoying lettuce from our garden this week (along with a few radishes). Last night we had lettuce wraps.

Bill made stir-fry from a couple of scrawny roosters and we wrapped it in lettuce fresh from the garden.


For dessert we had pumpkin whoopie pies - a recipe I found on Pinterest (follow me!).

And this...this is an incorrigible cat on our table.


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  1. Oooh you made the pumpkin whoopie pies, were they amazing? They look amazing!! And look Bernie being an asshole :)

  2. Bernie lives to be an asshole.

    The pumpkin pies are really good. Very heavy though - don't try to eat them all yourself. Make them when you can give some away. They take a lot of ingredients and are dense. Really yum though. I'll totally make them again in the fall.