Friday, August 30, 2013

Red, Yellow, Green

We've been eating lots of red and yellow meals lately. Wanna see?

Delicata squash soup and tomatoes on garlic bread with NY wine.

Two pots of tomato sauce for canning. Bill was pretty insistent that the yellow pot stay purely yellow. There were two separate spoons for stirring, and the immersion blender had to go into the yellow sauce first, lest some red bits contaminate it.

Not being eaten are these yellow pickling cucumbers. Bill has trepidation about them, and I rightfully know that all cucumbers are vile. So, I've been picking them and they sit on our counter...destined to become chicken food.

Finally, here's what the goats and sheep have been eating. That "grass is greener" thing is apparently not to be taken lightly, as I noticed when we moved some fences around this weekend. The old paddock where the ruminants had been confined is on the left. There is a clear line where the fence was with the "other side" of the fence on the right. Makes you think that maybe we've been using that saying incorrectly for all these years.

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